EMF Neutralizer-Bio Quantum Generator

EMF Neutralizer-Bio Quantum Generator

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EMF Neutralizer-Bio Quantum Generator

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Finally, the first device which has the effect of and really works as a neutralizer of harmful radiation or EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) Neutralizer and protection. Probably you have a lot of wandering so far around this but now you find the right thing.


If you wonder why you should to have this device, I’ll try to explain.Your body is created for natural terrestrial frequencies from 7.8 Hz,but daily basis you are exposed incredible radiation that go up to several GHz. Most radiate wi fi devices and cell phones, computers,TV, and all other technical devices because all operating at frequencies above 7,8Hz which eventually leads to a myriad of diseases.We live in a time when the technique is all the more harmful and this trend is likely to continue so you need appropriate EMF protection or this EMF Neutralizer because the body can no longer be adapted to all these harmful influences.

Most similar devices which can be found in regular stores generally do not work.This is because to some people is not in their interest, because they need to earn on your disease,so that from 100 devices perhaps one partially are functioning.What’s wrong with similar devices? All “work” on the wrong principle.If they really worked the way they are advertised, should happen shutdown signal when he gets close, for example cell phone, but that of course does not happen because these devices are generally scam.The signal remains without the slightest interference signals, all of which demonstrate the “efficiency” of such devices.But this device work on completely different principle and really deserves the name EMF Neutralizer or EMF Protector but whose is original name Bio Quantum Generator.

Acquisition of this unit not easy, because it is produced in small quantities in Russia,so you sometimes have to book if I have not currently in stock.

Bio Quantum Generator(EMF Neutralizer),is device was created after 40 years of research by Russian scientists primarily for military purposes.The device works on a completely different principle than all of the above described and it is probably special in the world.The principle of operation is that it turns a negative into a positive radiation in other words in so-called. Schumann resonance of 7.8 Hz. which represents the country’s natural frequency, so you get the effect like you are in nature rather than in an apartment with a myriad of harmful devices.This device is more trasformator negative to positive EMF radiation.What is more harmful electromagnetic or all other radiation, this device generates a more positive Schumann frequency and for that reason bears the name generator.The main part of the device are rare, special materials and elements that have the ability to turn this negative into a positive EMF radioation.So it would be recommended that the device is always put in the immediate vicinity of the radiation source, or if you have several of these sources at different places for example tv separate from the computer than it is better to keep the device at yourself or that you have more of these devices,although the device as I said enhances its effect to the strength of the radiation and so can sometimes cover the surface of the flat to 50 m2.Although a relatively small device is very powerful.People often imagine that it is something bigger that is efficient but it’s not about size, this is a quantum technology, but who watches the work of Nikola Tesla might be clearer to him what I’m saying.It is often all the way around than you think.So that the device can carry in your purse or keep it at home.If it is constantly in motion ,effect it is less,summ a few meters so be careful about it, then you need to keep close.


It is incredible number of diseases which are due to electro-smog and other radiation,but I would not now enumerating all as a promoting anything and everything,but I was really pleasantly surprised by reading scientific literature about all of this on which all research done with this device and how efficient it is, and I will cite one an extreme example now.

It was made an experiment with a family who lived just above the transformer in the building,they had an incredible number of health problems and nobody wanted to buy them an apartment that sold at such a bad place. However, over time, since they live in Russia they were able to purchase this device Bio Quantum Generator(EMF neutralizer).

Came the expert scientific team as they were very interested to try their case on something like this and the results were amazing.Devices are set to the proper places in the apartment and in a few months all diseases have disappeared or have been reduced to a minimum of problems.As to the official data from the book and their research all the problems will be reduced by 50% for the first month,and for 3 months can only exist in bits or more is not going to be.Believe it or not the device is working on the disease that have occurred, and for other reasons,because putting your body in the natural frequency of the disease itself disappears.On what can not act as the only broken bones and injuries of that kind, perhaps it can only accelerate healing.




Type:Emf (Electro Magnetic Field) Neutralizer

Protection:2-50m2,Wi-Fi,TV,Computer,Phone,Cell Phone,etc.


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